7 Tipps wie du dich garantiert nie von Dingen trennst

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  1. There’s an obvious answer to how to gently rid oneself of valuable yet useless items that clutter your cupboard and closet. It’s called re-gifting. That unsightly sweater your mother gave you eight birthdays ago? Usw! Just use a meter or two of that wrapping paper that seems to grow like grass in the drawer, wrap the sweater, and give it to a worthy friend on her birthday. This foolproof method of ridding yourself of unwanted yet mindlessly cherished items always worked for me! And the gifts have always been appreciated by the recipient. Even better, the „gift“ becomes the recipient’s clutter problem. As Der Mann mentioned above, you never toss out a French dictionary because you never know when you might need „le mot juste“ to clinch an argument in your favor! In fact, it’s in my Testament that the French dictionary is to remain with me until death do us part so discard any thoughts about junking it!

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